All About Oriental Cuisine | Authentic Oriental Food & Dishes
The mere mention of Oriental food sways our mind, by default, towards Chinese cuisine and is often mistaken with Continental cuisine. However, it’s surprising for many of us to know that Oriental cuisine did not come from one homeland or a country rather it finds its roots in several Southeast Asian countries. The cuisine not only includes dishes from mainland China but also from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc.

Although zest for Oriental cuisine is growing for its variety of palatable dishes and bold taste, the whole idea behind creating Oriental cuisine is mainly to create wellness, which reflects in its use of fresh homegrown herbs and rich aromatic spices.

So what makes these dishes authentic, appealing and distinct from each other? The answer lies in key basic ingredients used in making their authentic curries combined with a different variety of rice and noodles to form a wholesome meal. Let’s look at some of the ingredients that help in creating the authentic Oriental cuisine and make it appealing to the masses.


Considered to be a native of Asia, lemongrass is an oily herb that is widely used in Oriental food and as a mainstay ingredient, especially, in Thai food. It not only helps in cleaning and detoxifying the system but its anti-inflammatory properties help in alleviating pain and boosting the immune system.

Kaffir Lime Leaves

Belonging to the citrus family, Kaffir lime finds its origin in Southeast Asia. The leaves and the fruit, both, are widely used in Thai and other Southeast Asian recipes for its astringent flavor and aroma and ensure good gut health, digestion, and a youthful glow.

Variety Of Rice In Oriental Cuisine

Rice is considered to be the staple food of Asia. However, it’s not the same old white or brown rice that the Southeast Asian countries include in their meal. A variety of rice such as black, red or even purple rice is considered to be nutritionally denser as compared to white or brown, for a less starchy diet and low-calorie intake.

Curry Pastes To Add Flavour To Your Oriental Cuisine

Keeping in mind the diverse flavors and dishes of Oriental cuisine, the curry paste from OrientAsian aims to bring to you the authentic taste of these countries. The versatile pastes could be used to whip up any Oriental or Pan Asian curries to satiate your palate for Oriental and Asian cuisine. We have a range of curry pastes, Sauces and Chutneys to treat your taste buds like Thai Green Curry Paste, Indonesian curry paste, Mexican Sauce, etc. So cook up Oriental food with our cooking ingredients to add a distinct flavor to your dish.


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