Easy Thai Green Curry Noodles Recipe | Noodles Soup

For the aficionados of southeast Asian cuisine, Thai green curry is usually the preferred choice. It is milder than red curry and thus easily tolerated for those with less heat tolerance. In this article, we will be sharing the recipe of Thai green curry noodles which combines the goodness provided by an assortment of vegetables along with the yumminess of curry and satiation of noodles. With all these delicious flavors combined in a single dish, it may very well become the favorite of all your family, including children. We have included some fresh cilantro or Italian parsley and basil leaves to match well with spaghetti noodles and also enhance the green color. 

You can choose from an assortment and combination of vegetables that may include Bell peppers, carrots, Broccoli, Zucchini, and mushrooms along with Tofu. Let us first look at the ingredients needed and then we will move on to the preparation part. 

Ingredients for Thai Green Curry Noodle Soup

  1. OrientAsian Thai Green Curry Paste (3 tablespoons)
  2. 1 large sized sliced carrot
  3. 400 ml unsweetened coconut milk 
  4. 1 bell pepper of any color, diced
  5. 1 cup broccoli florets
  6. A small sized thickly sliced green zucchini
  7. 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  8. Fresh cilantro or Italian parsley leaves
  9. Few basil leaves
  10. 3 teaspoon oil (preferably coconut oil, if not available then use palm oil or peanut oil)
  11. 450 grams spaghetti
  12. Salt as per taste

Preparation of Thai Curry Recipe Green with Noodles

  1. Pour 2 teaspoons of oil in a heavy wok. Put the flame to medium and let the oil heat up. Once heated put the flame on high heat.
  2. Throw in all the cut vegetables like zucchini, carrots, bell peppers, and broccoli.
  3. Add salt as per taste and stir fry the vegetables under they are tender. Transfer the vegetables to a bowl.
  4. Now pour a teaspoon of oil in the wok, add 3 tablespoons of OrientAsian’s Green Thai Curry Paste and sauté the paste for a few seconds. 
  5. Now add a cup of water to this paste and mix uniformly. Now throw in a tablespoon of brown sugar and then coconut milk. 
  6. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Add salt as per taste and let the mixture thicken. 
  7. Let the mixture come to a boil and add some shredded basil along with cilantro or Italian parsley leaves and stir-fried vegetables. Stir all the ingredients together and let it boil lightly.
  8. In the meantime boil the spaghetti for less than two minutes as specified on the package and drain the excess water.
  9. Add the spaghetti to the veggie Thai green curry and let it cook for two more minutes. 
  10. Turn the flame off and serve the Thai curry noodles piping hot. 


So, this was the recipe for the Thai green curry noodles. For a change, you can substitute noodles with steamed rice and even alternate the vegetables for variety and taste.