What is Chili Paste? What are Different Chili Paste Uses?

What are Different Chili Paste Uses

Chili paste, as the name implies, is made of chilies with additional ingredients. Chilies used to make the paste can be a single type or a mixture of different chilies having distinct flavors. The ingredients include salt, lime juice, garlic, and vinegar. Additional ingredients to make specialty chili paste catering to a specific cuisine may include fermented soybeans, dried fish, with the inclusion of sugar to temper the heat.  Red chili paste is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisines. It is generally used to prepare a variety of dressings, marinades, and curries and for coating poultry, fish, and meat before roasting or grilling them. You can also use chili paste to enhance the heat profile and flavor of any type of dish. 

Let us look at some novel OrientAsian red chili paste used in enhancing the flavor of your cooking and even for creating whole new delicious food items. 

Chili Paste Uses

  1. Before preparing any kind of non-vegetarian curries and semi-dry curries, coat chili paste lightly on the protein whether it be poultry, fish, or red meat. 
  2. For vegetarian dishes like vegetable preparations, dal curries or plain pasta, etc. add 1-3 teaspoons while cooking. Add a little extra oil or butter for a balanced profile. 
  3. Add a few teaspoons of chili paste to increase the spiciness of soups, broths, and stews, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. 
  4. For an extra zing, substitute chili paste in place of hot sauce for any recipe that uses the latter. 
  5. To prepare a flavorful and spicy dip, take 1 part red chili paste and mix it with 4 times the amount of either mayonnaise or ketchup. Stir well and serve with snacks and appetizers. 
  6. To make a hot Asian dipping sauce, take 1 part chili paste and mix it with 3 parts of soy sauce. 
  7. To prepare a spicy spread, mix a little chili paste with peanut butter or Nutella. It goes well with toasted bread and cold sandwiches. 
  8. Mix it with butter or other oils for glazing meats, fish, poultry, or chunks of cottage cheese and tofu as they come off the grill. 
  9. Popular chili paste uses include preparing delicious dips with it. Here is one more for you. To prepare a quick cold dip, stir chili paste directly into sour cream, yogurt, or mayonnaise. It will also help keep your dieting resolutions. Dip raw carrots, celery sticks, cucumber, and cauliflower florets for a makeshift salad and say goodbye to fried and oily appetizers.
  10. Use it as an accompaniment with a grilled cheese sandwich. Trust us, it tastes heavenly. 

Final Takeaway

So, these are some of the ways to use red chili paste in your cooking. Using it adds spice and flavor to any recipe, whether it be specialty cuisine or everyday food items.