A Detailed Guide To Types Of Asian Cuisine | Asian Food

Most Popular Asian Cuisine and Dishes

We can characterize Cuisine as a way of cooking and convention-related with a particular culture. Asia is the most significant landmass on the planet covers numerous societies and foods. For example, East Asian, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian Cuisine, Central Asian, and South Asian are some of the major categories of Asian Cuisine. Keeping aside all the differences, every Cuisine mentioned here have a bunch of similarities too. For starters in similarities are some of the primary ingredients that you use in all of these types of Asian food. Rice, sesame seeds, ginger, Soy, Garlic, dried onions, red chillies, and Tofu are some prevalent ingredients used in Asian food.

Rice is a crucial part of Asian food, and there are so many different varieties of the same. For example, Basmati Rice is a popular type used in Chinese and other South Asian foods. On the other hand, short-grain rice is more common in places like Korea and Japan. Besides, the concept of curries is prevalent in South Asia, and also in a few other parts of the continent. A typical Asian curry is a yoghurt based broth with vegetables, meat, and a host of other ingredients.

In this post, we will find some interesting details about Asian cuisine menu and pan Asian food.

Pan Asian Food- Let’s Check out Some Details.

People are becoming more health-conscious with time, and a variety of diets are making their way into the fitness and healthcare industry. However, it is usually tough to find foods that are healthy as well as tasty. In this context, it is essential to mention that unlike what a lot of people assume about Asian Cuisine, it is very healthy and delicious too.

Moreover, pan Asian cuisine is considered as one of the most beneficial types worldwide.

There are so many options when you are choosing Asian food because there are several superfoods included in the menu. The best thing is that Asian cuisine recipes prefer fresh ingredients to processed ones always. Moreover, the cooking methods such as steaming, grilling, fermenting, and stewing ensure the retention of nutrition and food value of all the ingredients. If you love to travel and eat, then Asian countries will attract you the most. Moreover, there are always arrays of live-grill stalls selling delicious satays, grills, and salads on the streets.

For example, if we go to Thailand and taste their authentic street food, you will be mesmerized. There are lines of stalls dishing out authentic Thai curries and meat stews. Apart from the street food, ordinary fermented stuff such as kimchi, yoghurt, miso, kombucha, and more help in better digestion. Such foods are great for the overall health, and especially for the gut functioning. The fact that fermentation uses bacteria turns these stuff into excellent probiotics that are good in a lot of ways.

Southeast Asian Cuisine marks a tradition of using only fresh ingredients for the best nutrition and delicious food. For example, various herbs, mints, basil, kaffir lime, and coriander are some new ingredients that are high on medicinal value as well as add freshness to any food. Moreover, leafy vegetables, sprouts, and healthy meats are common when you are eating Thai, Cambodian, Chinese, and Vietnamese cuisines. The same places also use vegetables such as raw papaya, cabbage, sesame, broccoli, ginseng, bok choi, galangal, green chillies, coconut, turmeric, onions, garlic, ginger, and more.

Every category of Cuisine is very different and therefore carries uniqueness across its flavours and looks. Besides, it is the same reasons why the list of benefits in the case of every Cuisine is so different. For example, Indian, Malaysian, Arabian, and Sri-Lankan cuisine use a variety of spices to enhance the flavour of their authentic curries. Now, such herbs are capable of fighting problems such as inflammation, and also restricts damage to the cells and tissues. Different spices also help to control fluctuation in blood sugar levels. Last but not least, they improve memory power and brain functioning.

On the other hand, Korean and Japanese cuisines mark a unique style of eating. For example, sashimi, sukiyaki, sushi, teppanyaki, yakitori, and more are some of the usual types of dishes in these cultures. All of these categories of food mark the use of low-carb and raw ingredients such as salmon, prawns, tuna, vegetables, and more. As a result, these cuisines are taking over the likes of the younger generation very fast. Apart from being low on carbs, these foods contain adequate amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils. So, these are all excellent fats and therefore bring along several health benefits. They control a person’s cholesterol levels, overall inflammation, heart problems, and more. Moreover, such foods are capable of keeping a person’s blood pressure under control.

As you understand that the several health benefits of choosing Asian food over others are making it more widespread. Besides, the health-conscious people always like to consume fresh ingredients that are delicious and flavoursome, and there is nothing better than this Cuisine. In the next section, let us look at some of the best Asian recipes. So, the next time you are visiting a restaurant, you can either choose these from the menu or try to make these at home.

List of The Best Asian Dishes of All Times

So, here we are finally at the most delicious stop of the journey, and of course, everyone is hungry. Therefore, we are presenting a host of delicious dishes that are the pride of Asian Cuisine. Let’s not keep our hearts waiting any longer and check out the names below. The recipes of all of these are readily available on the internet too.

Bbq Chicken

There are so many types of BBQ chicken, but the Asian variety is addictive. The char siu marination along with a touch of honey, soy, and spruce makes it more delectable.

Vietnamese Dumplings

Well, dumplings, in general, are Asian, but the Vietnamese ones are a little more special. First of all, it will shun all your basic dumpling ideas because most Vietnamese dumplings look like spring rolls. Moreover, the filling is full of rich Asian flavour that melts in the mouth.

Khao Suey

This Burmese delicacy is like a warm hug in a bowl. The steaming broth rich with freshness, spice, and flavours is delicious. It is nothing but comfort food on a gloomy day. Moreover, the condiments, including the onions, garlic, and peanuts, make it more amazing.

Chicken in Choice of Sauce

Chicken is a favourite of the majority irrespective of which part of the world you are in. Moreover, the delightful sauces in Asian Cuisine create a different stir all together. The spices look similar but are so separate from each other. For example, chilli chicken, hoisin chicken, schezwan chicken, and more are some of the most popular types of saucy Asian chicken dishes.

Japanese Tempura

What can be better than something fried on a rainy day? Here we have the Japanese variety o0f fritters or Tempura. These are vegetables, meat or seafood lightly coated in batter and deep-fried. Oh Yum! Already.

So, here is a brief guide about Asian food, although the more you read about it is still not enough.

Asam Laksa

Let’s travel to Indonesia now, and check out this very delicious fishy noodle soup. When it comes to the Indonesian-Peranakan cuisine, the Asam Laksa is a delicacy. It is like a blend of the Malay and Chinese cuisines. This soup consists of fish, of course, shreds of cucumber, red chilli paste, pineapple, onions, daunkesum, torch ginger, and more. The side dishes are mostly prawn paste and rice noodles. While for some people it may be a little uncomfortable to eat the dish because of the pungency, it is surely not the case for the locals.

Indonesian Satay

Indonesia is the land of satays, and these meat skewers are some of the most flavorful dishes that you will ever find. The side dishes to these are fish cakes, rice, and peanut sauce. Some people say that it is the national street food of Indonesia, and is massively celebrated. You will find satays everywhere you go in the country, and well they are quite addictive. Indonesian curry paste is majorly used in a lot of dishes.

Fish Ambulthiyal

When you are considering an island in the Indian Ocean, of course, seafood and fish play quite an important role here. So, the fish ambulthiyal or the sour fish curry is a very popular curry that you will get in almost all places of Sri Lanka. In this curry, usually, any firm and large fish such as tuna is used in the form of cubes. The other important ingredients that go into this curry are Sri Lankan curry paste, black pepper, curry leaves, cinnamon, pandan leaves, garlic, and turmeric.

Pad Thai

Of course, this is like a complementary addition to any Asian food list like this one. It is simply fried noodles in a typical Thai style with several condiments. The thin noodles with crunchy bean sprouts, eggs, meat, onions, fish sauce, peanuts, Thai green curry paste, sugar, and more. The spicy and pungent flavour of this noodle dish an undoubtedly wakes you up from deep sleep with the hot smoke!