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The growing trend towards Pan Asian cuisines in India

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Increasing disposable income and the growing trend of traveling to Asian countries has had a huge impact on the demand for Asian cuisine and culture. Earlier, western cuisines were more favored and popular, however, with evolving consumer taste and the constant pursuit of discovering something new; people have now turned towards the authentic and vibrant taste of Pan Asian Cuisine and Oriental cuisines, which has been overlooked for a long time.

Although distinct in flavor and finesse, Pan Asian countries are heavily influenced by each other with respect to their food habits. For example, the influence of Indian, Thai and Indonesian cuisine is reflected in Malaysian food from their use of wok to the mix and match of fresh herbs and spices. However, from Indonesia’s bold and spicy Nasi Goreng, Malaysia’s velvet-textured Nasi Lemak to a Thai Green curry bursting with flavors, all have their own distinct identity due to the use of exotic herbs and spices blended in different quantities and combined with varied cooking methods to develop the traditional taste.

Consumers are now developing a strong penchant for Pan Asian cuisine not only from China and Thailand but also from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Korea. And, in the quest to satisfy the evolving consumer palate for Pan Asian cuisine, mainstream Asian restaurants in the country have now started dedicating a full-page menu to serve Singaporean, Malaysian curry, Indonesian, Thai and Korean delicacies.

Although, the restaurants are adapting to changing landscapes of food taste and preferences, the secret behind satisfying the palate for authentic taste is to “get it right each time”. Keeping in mind the evolving taste of Indian consumers and propensity for Pan Asian cuisine, restaurants and big brands are now working towards developing products that could help them experience the same traditional and authentic taste of Asia each time they savor the dish.

To experience the rich and authentic taste of Pan Asian cuisine, try OrientAsian’s curry pastes, which are not only 100% vegetarian but also has the approval from the country’s top chefs. Made with homegrown herbs and rich aromatic spices, OrientAsian curry paste comes in four variants namely: Thai Green Curry paste, Indonesian Curry paste, Malaysian Curry paste, and Red Chilly paste to satiate your hunger for Pan Asian cuisine. We also have a range of Sauce and Chutneys including Mexican Sauce and Momo Chutney.


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