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Buy Malaysian Curry paste and satiate your palate for Malay food. OrientAsian’s 100% vegetarian curry paste includes fresh herbs and fragrant spices perfectly balanced in the right quantity to make a piping hot Malaysian Curry.  Buy Malaysian Curry paste formulated with a perfect mix of lemongrass, Kashmiri chill, red chilli, onion and garlic that ensures you get the taste of authentic Malay curry.

The aromatic spices blended with fresh herbs and condiments are sure to take you to the land of beautiful islands. Buy Malaysian Curry Paste and cook your choice of meat or vegetables in it and pair it up with rice or noodles for a wholesome meal, and relish on the local delicacy of Malaysia.

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What People Say...

“ Tried Thai Green Curry paste and was literally bowled over by its authentic traditional Thai taste. To my surprise, the contents of the paste were 100% vegetarian. ”

- Customer

“ The easy-to-use red chilli paste is my queen ingredient for all kinds of spicy dips, spreads and curry base. ”

- Customer

“ My Malaysian chicken curry was an instant hit with all the guests who were not only pleased with its smooth texture but its rich aroma too. ”

- Customer

“ My friend recommended OrientAsian's curry pastes and so I decided to try them out. I must say I am addicted to them and keep going back for more. They are just so delicious! ”

- Customer


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